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Features 2
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Features 2


It is of the utmost importance to target your audience according to their location. Geo-targeting enables you to reach your users at the exact right place. This way, you can develop custom promotional push campaigns suitable for a specific group of people who live in a certain location.


Send tailored messages to users, based on the their location at a given moment in time.

High Accuracy

Track your users down to 50 meters from desired locations

Favorite Places

Save your favorite locations & re-use them at any time for any campaign


Target the right users, at the right time, on the right device.

We help brands and organizations reach their audience based on user location, preferences, profile, and behavior. Understand your audience by monitoring and tracking devices, including:

• model & manufacturer,

• registered channels,

• app activations,

• device location in real time,

• locale & timezone, etc.


RICH PUSH: Join the revolution

Marketer or Developer, we’ve got the right solution for you. Create Rich Push Campaigns in 3 easy steps

Level up your push notifications with images, GIFs, videos & audios. Users receive notifications, which trigger HTML landing pages. These landing pages can be created within Push My Apps rich editors (HTML or Modular) and are sent along the notification. Rich Pushes deliver compelling content and provide strong visual incentive to interact with and dive deeper into your app. A picture is simply worth a thousand words!

1) Select Editor

  • HTML Editor for technical users
  • Modular Editor for marketers

2) Add Rich Content

Images, videos, animated gifs, links, promo codes and HTML5

3) Create Call-to-Actions

Add any action button: open url, like, share, register, etc.


Tags can be used for targeting notifications to specific users or groups.


Collect additional data about each user and send highly targeted pushes to all the devices that are subscribed to a particular tag.Tags contain any arbitrary data that you associate with a particular device, whether it’s:.


• username

• device ID

• city

• items on cart

• categories

• or any other piece of information about your users


Open rates suggest a standard indicator of your push campaigns, but it doesn’t reflect the ultimate goal of your marketing strategy. Push My Apps’ advanced statistics gives you the ability to prioritize the KPIs in order to measure in real-time what truly matters to you & what is truly valuable for your campaign:

  • Click Rate

    The percentage of users who opened a push notification

  • Conversion Rate

    The percentage of users who proceeded with a specific action

  • Conversion Frequency

    The average number of conversions made after opening a push notification

  • Engagement

    The average number of sessions per user after opening a push notification


Unlock the power of mobile marketing with PushMyApp’s advanced features & capabilities

Dynamic Segmentation

Target notifications based on preferences, categories, or custom segments, and get higher click rates and higher conversion


Send tailored messages to users, based on their location at a given moment in time to optimise your campaigns


Send push notifications to segments of your users by letting them subscribe to channels from inside the mobile application

Rich Push

Enrich your notifications with images, GIFs, videos & audios and redefine mobile engagement & content diversity

Custom Data

Pass custom data to your apps in the push notification payload so your app could react to such pushes and perform various actions

Deep Linking

Drive in-app discovery by deep linking push notifications to specific parts of your app or News Feed

Aggregated Statistics

The dashboard aggregates data across all campaigns to give you a holistic picture of how your messages are performing

Users Insights

Monitor & track devices in real-time: device models, OS versions, app activations, first time open and last update date, etc.

Delivery Scheduling

Find the perfect timing with notification scheduling and give your users the opportunity to think, evaluate & act